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The artificial intelligence widget on the GISCARTA platform allows you to work with data using text queries. You can get all OSM data, as well as population data for various cities.
To use Geodata Artificial Intelligence (Geodata AI) widget is very simple. Just click on a widget button and enter any text request you want.

If this words or text corresponds to some data from Open Street Map or text contains Population request - you will see this data on your map. You can zoom in to the bounding box of this layer or upload this layer to your data sources if you want. After uploading you can edit your layer, style it, change colors depending on attribute values, make some filters and labels, and infowindow settings, create aliases on field names or cluster your data and so on. Also if there is a link to an image in some field - you can open sidebar panel and see this image.
Geodata AI can be used in almost all areas of activity, such as:

  • Environmental studies
  • Transport Analysis
  • Mining
  • Urban Planning
  • Construction
  • Student studies
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