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We're excited to introduce another rendering option for point layers.
Clustering is available for Point layers added to the map as vector data.

Clustering makes it easier to view a Point layer with a large number of features. Once clustering is enabled, object points are grouped into clusters when zooming out, increasing map readability.
In this tab user can:
  • Enable or disable clustering.
  • Select the clustering algorithm ("Simple grouping" or "Pie Chart")
  • Set the cluster color (with the "Simple grouping" algorithm)
  • Configure the cluster size
When choosing the "Simple grouping" algorithm, the color and size of the cluster are set by the user.

When choosing the "Pie chart" algorithm, the user need to have styling configured for one or more attributes. The color of a sector of the cluster pie chart will be automatically imported from the "Styling" section. The size of each sector will correspond to the number of points in the cluster with the respective attribute value.
The end user will be provided with the option to enable and disable clustering by clicking on the Style icon next to the layer name.
Clusters can be used for such areas as:
  • Urban planning
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Geology
  • Student studies
  • Environmental studies