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Create a Project

In this post we talk about how to create and publish your first project on the GISCARTA platform. Below is a video tutorial on how to quickly do this.
To create a new project in GISCARTA is very simple. Just press button New Project on My projects page. Then you'll be taken to the builder page. Here is your new project. In the left you can see the table of contents. So let's go through it. In the Data section you can find free GISCARTA datasets or your own datasets. If you want to add data on a map - just select the one you need and press Add button. In the Layers tab you will see all layers, that are added to your map. Pressing on 3 dots against a layer name will give you an access to styling and managing layer settings (of course we'll look at this in more details in the next videos).
The next section is Widgets. Here you can press Add button to see al widgets that you can add to your project and select any of them (also about all widgets and their functions we'll talk in the next videos). In the Parameters tab you can change initial extent, map projection, map title, description, link under the map title, logo and also change sidebar options (it means to choose whether to show or hide the sidebar panel when you open the application for the first time).
The next tab is Saving project (please do not forget to press it after changing something). The next section is Export or Import button - using it you can upload or download any of projects in JSON format. The last button is Profile - from here you can get to any section of the portal (feel free to use instructions and give us your feedback).
And also in the top right corner you can see Publish button. So, like in google sheets, you can make your project public and generate a unique link on it. So any person with this link would have an access to your nice project.