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Upload Data

GISCARTA allows you to upload data to the platform in all popular geodata formats. Namely, shp, geopackage, geojson, tif, kml, xlsx, csv, arcgis json, gpx and others.
There are 2 simple ways to upload data on GISCARTA. First one - is using GISCARTA platform. You need to open Data Sources page and here you can see GISCARTA datasets and your own datasets (if you've already uploaded them). It is possible to filter data by name, by tags, by source and data type. So if you want to add your own data - just press Upload button in the top right corner. In the modal window you will be able to drag and drop file or select it from your computer. It is possible to upload data in all most popular geographical file formats or file extensions: for vector data there are shape files, geojson, excel files, csv, geopackage, arcgis json, gpx and tif files for raster data. After selecting a file you need to add name for your datasource also optionally you can add description and tags. After uploading data a user can edit this data - just click on your datasource and you will be able to change it's geometry and metadata.
The other way to upload data to a platfrom is to use QGIS and GISCARTA plugin for it. Let's have a look on how to do it. Firstly of course open QGIS, go to Plugins - Manage and install plugins and write GISCARTA. Then press install plugin. And then on a plugin toolbar you'll see GISCARTA button. Just click on it, enter your email and password and press Log in or Enter button. After that you'll see all your datasources and you will be able to edit, to delete them and to add a new one. To add a new point layer is very easy. Just click on Add layer button, then select a layer (here you can select all data that is added to your qgis project. It could be vector data, raster data and all temporary layers, for example in-memory geoprocessing results). And also you can add only selected features if you need. Then add name, description and tags if you want and press Upload. Your layer has been successfully uploaded to GISCARTA!