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Storybook widget

Tell your story on a map! New Storybook widget on the GISCARTA platform.
A corresponding widget icon appears in the lower left corner of the map; when clicked, the user is shown a widget window with the following functionality. The application administrator can click on the “+” icon at any time to add a new Bookmark. By default, the map extent is saved as a Bookmark, however, if the “use layer settings” checkbox is clicked, the visibility of the layers, the selected base map, and the opened popup will be saved.
In addition to adding new Bookmarks, the application administrator can delete or edit existing ones, change the order, or play all Bookmarks when pressing the Play button.
The end user of the application has access to switching between Bookmarks, as well as animation of the entire History.
Storybook can be used in almost all areas of activity, such as:
  • Environmental studies
  • Transport Analysis
  • Mining
  • Urban Planning
  • Construction
  • Student studies
  • Geology
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